Country: United States

Plan Price Disk space Transfer Domains Subdomains Type Website
Personal $4.46 15 GB 250 GB 1 unlimited Shared Visit website
Business $7.46 200 GB 2000 GB 10 unlimited Shared Visit website
Professional $13.3 300 GB 3000 GB 50 unlimited Shared Visit website
eCommerce $23.3 500 GB 5000 GB 100 unlimited Shared Visit website

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About Aplus

At Aplus.net, our mission is to provide everything for your business online, from domain name registration to every type of web hosting and design. We provide marketing and online advertising services as well as search engine optimization and ecommerce. We offer the reliability and scalability of big business solutions at a small business price, taking the burden of IT development and support off of your shoulders and onto our own, giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best: innovating and improving your core business functions.

Founded in 1992 as Abacus America, Inc., Aplus.net began offering Internet services in 1995 and hosting services in 1998, making us one of the few web hosting companies to survive the dot.com bust. Since then, we’ve won most of our industry’s top awards — including the prestigious CNET Editors’ Choice award and the coveted #1 spot on the TopHosts Top 5 list (where we’ve had a constant presence for more than five years). We’ve also received top honors from web hosting experts such as HostReview, RealMetrics, CompareWebHosts, Netcraft, and many others. Aplus.net has been mentioned in some of America’s most respected business and news publications, such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and The Christian Science Monitor.

Aplus.net takes pride in offering everything you need to start and grow your business online including shared hosting, web design, marketing and online advertising services, search engine optimization, ecommerce solutions, and domain registration. Check out the Aplus.net Advantage and find out why we are the best choice in an online business hosting solutions.