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Is SEO really that important?
Hi guys,

How important actually is SEO?
How many of you actually get that natural traffic from google that leads to a conversion?
Was SEO successful for you?
How much of a gain in conversions did you get?
How much did you spend?
Would you recommend it?

The best SEO is simply to build a well laid out site with good quality content that the search engines can see is likely to be the kind of site their users are looking for. It's a long term game, it costs nothing, and it's extremely important.
There are some benefits of SEO and it's very important for your target market to find your website. When you use specific keywords in your internet marketing efforts that your target market is searching for then it will be easy to find you. Just consult an SEO expert to guide you. Good luck
I would say SEO is important but it is something that takes time to build. IMO the content, keywords and backlinks are the most important factors.

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